Solar Panel Roads Could be Our Future For Our Roads

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding energy effect roads and vehicles. For example, in twenty or so years’ time the government has stated that they want electric cars to be the most used car in the UK. A ban could possibly be placed on petrol and diesel cars, and charging points will be located across the nation. This plan has come under a lot of backlash, people have argued that this could end up using more energy rather than less, and that some of the cars battery life will not last the journeys it is require to take. The next new idea to come to light are solar panelled roads.

A village in Normandy, France, has unveiled what it claims to be the first solar panel road called Wattway. The road has been developed as part of an initiative to develop more environmentally friendly roads and create more sustainable energy. However, the road has come under some fire from critics.

Solar Panel Roads Are They Beneficial?

The problem that people have been finding with these solar panel roads is that they may not be as efficient as people first thought they would be. This road has cost around £4.2 million and is predicted to provide enough energy to power an average family household for a year. However, people have argued that the money could have been used for a cycle path which in turn could’ve produced 170 times more energy.

There has also been controversy surrounding the actual layout of the road. It has been proven that solar panels actually work best at an angel. That’s why a lot of houses now have solar panels on the roof because they sit an angle that can catch sunlight from all directions. The areas that solar panels are least effective are when they flat on a surface, so having laid flat on the ground is not going to be efficient. So it looks like solar panel roads are not exactly the future for us.