Playground Line Marking Deserves Some Attention

There are many reasons as to why you should look into playground line marking. In schools, or sometimes even at home. One of the biggest reasons you need to look into playground line marking is that it is fun and breathes life into your playground. A playground that has colour markings, bold lines and games marked out already for playtime looks so much more inviting. Even if you don’t want to print games onto your playground just having the lines as a stimulus gives your child the chance to create and be imaginative in their own play world.

Playground Line Marking Guidance

Cut Down The Costs

If you decide to complete the playground line marking on your own it can still be quite a costly job. Due to the fact that line marking supplies are very expensive and can sometimes be quite difficult to get a hold of.

When it comes to playground line marking you need to look at practical ways to minimize paint usage. This will save you time and money. You can save paint by not painting large background areas. Keep it simple. Just paint the outline of the image or play area space for the children to play in. If you do want the area to be coloured in you can always get the children to make up their own patterns using chalk. This way they can have fun creating new images everyday and you can save money on paint.

Use Grass Killer

We likely speculate that your playground has a turf area that is covered with natural grass. Before you start your playground line marking you are going to need to kill the natural grass area. The advantage having both turf and tarmac areas of the playground means the children will be spread out evenly in the playground. Making better utilization of the spaces. However, in order to line mark on permanent grass areas you will need paint that can kill natural grass as it paints.

However, we must warn you that some products that contain grass killer can be harmful to children. So we do urge you to avoid those types of paints and find one that will not have a negative effect on the children.