Line Marking Repair For Our Roads

At the beginning of last year, we were promised by local councils that they would invest millions of pounds into the up keep of the condition of public roads. This will cover the costs of various repairs, line marking repair, pot hole repairs but we will go into more detail.

Essex promised £300 million would be spent over the next couple of years. Birmingham stated that £254 million pounds would b spent to help resolve the issues in their area. However, we have just experienced a harsh winter for our roads, and a lot of projects have already been underway for repairs, how can we help keep our roads in tip top condition?

Pothole Repair

A survey had been conducted last year showing that 55% of users, when asked if they could big one problem with our roads, stated that potholes were the biggest problem. The public wants more focus on repairing potholes than any other issue with their roads. Of course, line marking repair and anti-skid solutions are still high on the publics radar. However, potholes cause a real issue. An astonishing £8 million was spent on claims over pothole related incidents in the past 2 years. There are many ways to repair potholes. Fillers, sealants, asphalt patches and even as drivers you can report potholes. If you have come across a pothole you can download apps which allow you to report any potholes you spot on the road.

Line Marking Repair to Improve Safety on Our Roads

Regular Cleaning

One of the most obvious steps we can take moving forward with protecting our roads is regular cleaning. If we want to maintain our roads to the highest possible standard, whilst also reducing the need for road repairs we have to keep the roads clean. If roads are not cleaned regularly, road marking become less visible to drivers. Drains can become clogged with litter or leaves which can cause flooding issues and therefore damage the roads more. A lot of people believe that road cleaning is only left to the council but we can all do our bit. Removing large branches or reporting any signs of wear and tear if you see the line marking repair is required.

Line Marking Repair

One of the greatest contributions to the standard and safety of our roads are line markings. Drivers put their trust in line marking, it guides them and keeps them on a safe path. When they get worn down or seem to be of a low quality they put drivers at risk. Line marking repair can make a big difference to road safety. Line marking repair also improves the standard of our roads. Not only will they look better they improve drivers safety. There are many options when it comes to line marking repair. You can use thermoplastic strips or use spray marking for your line marking repair paint.