Line Marking Removal and The Challenges We Face

When we get the call for our line removal service it can be quite tricky. The issue we face with regards to this is based in sole purpose that line marking is supposed to last. Time and time again people ask for a long-lasting line marking. We offer a long-lasting line marking service. So you can understand the trouble we face when it comes to line marking removal. Of course, it is not an impossible service.

Line marking is indeed permanent, people try to remove the line markings by covering them up or even going as far as to digging up the tarmac and relaying the surface. There are much more viable options for removing line marking.

Line Marking Removal Options To Choose From

As we have discussed there are usually two ways people tend to deal with line marking removal. Covering the old line marking up or painting over it can be bad for many reasons. The main reason being that the paint won’t last. The paint will wear away in a short amount of time. Digging up the road is an extreme option for line removal. It not only is an expensive form of line marking removal but it weakens the structure of the road. This can cause many problems in the future, such as potholes. This is not just damaging for the road but also for your car and yourself.

The method that we use and is the best for any line marking removal service is to use high pressure water. This has the double benefit of removing the lines effectively and not damaging the roads. With the right level of jet blasting the lines can remove quickly and efficiently.

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