Warehouse Productivity and How To Keep Your Team Motivated

Warehouse health and safety is of the utmost importance. Neglect in a workplace can lead to serious injuries of fellow co-workers or yourself. Studies have shown a direct correlation between warehouse productivity and health and safety.

  • Trips and falls are quite common in a warehouse setting. Nearly 40% of all reported injury’s in a workplace are due to trips and falls. These can easily be avoided. Simple measures can be put into place, such as clearing up spillages and keeping walkways clear. You can also implement barriers in order to outline the designated areas for pedestrians. This will prevent workers from wandering into areas that could cause them harm.
  • Some of the most serious accidents occur in the UK due to forklift trucks. Around a quarter of accidents in the workplace are due to forklift trucks. There are many ways in which you can prevent accidents like this to happen. You can enforce a speed limit. This will let everybody know that these vehicles can be dangerous and must be used at a limited speed. Having forklift trucks operational in the area only reinforces the fact that pedestrian walkways are needed.

Warehouse Productivity in Relation To Safety

  • Storage in most warehouse is usually high up or the items can be quite large and tall themselves. So straight away we can identify a possible health and safety issue. Making employees aware of the risk is important in preventing injuries. You will also need to hold seminars or workshops in order to properly train your employees to correctly in health and safety.

We all know that the warehouse can be quite a dangerous place if it is not monitor carefully and the precautions have not been put into place. There has been a direct link between workplace injury and warehouse productivity. Warehouse productivity is brought down to an all-time low whenever an accident occurs. It may seem simple but by having these precautions in place it can improve warehouse productivity.