Car Park Line Marking for Parking Spaces

Marking car parks helps a lot with responsible parking and to improve the safety of our roads. Parking spaces are important, not just for the fact that they give our car parks a neat finish but they help with road safety a lot more than you think. For new drivers, they teach them position and the importance of parking properly and as straight as possibly.

They also utilise as much space as possible. With unlined car parks, cars will often take up a lot of space and leave other cars having to park somewhere else. Parking is already limited in the UK it is an ongoing debate as to whether or not we install more car parks and how we are going to do it. So, if you have the opportunity to create as many parking spaces as possible you should take it. This is where our line marking expertise will come in to play.

Marking Out Car Park Lines for Parking Spaces

There are many ways in which you can mark out parking spaces in a car park. We have put together a list of some of the tools we use.

Line Marking Machine

This is probably our go to for line marking. If you do not know, line marking machines are often wheeled devices that look not too dissimilar to a lawn mower. You fill them up with the liquid/ paint you wish to use and then push them over the surface. Measuring out the spaces beforehand helps to create even sized parking spaces and allows us to get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.

Line Marking Gun

Typically used for smaller areas, line marking guns are the most economical option. They are handheld machine that work in a similar way to an aerosol. The application is more streamlined and defined. However, when it comes to marking large areas the line marking machine is the way to do for that.